Labuan Beach
Surrounded by the South China Sea, Labuan boasts several beautiful, sandy beaches with scenic views. Pictured: Pantai Sungai Pagar.

Glorious sunsets – that is the one thing visitors will not fail to notice about Labuan.

From the award winning Batu Manikar Beach (a.k.a. United Nations Beach) to the scenic coastline at Layang-Layangan down south, there really is no shortage of picture-perfect views at Labuan’s sun-kissed beaches.

Pantai Batu Manikar/United Nations Beach

Pantai Batu Manikar is known as the UN ’08 Beach after it was accorded the COBSEA (Coordinating Body on the Seas of East Asia) Clean Beach Award by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2008.

This is a fabulously long stretch of beach fringed with casuarinas and coconut trees, leading right to Pantai Sungai Pagar (where the award monument is located) down south. It is home to the Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

There is a small natural path where you can hike up Bukit Kubong for great views of the seaside.

Pantai Pohon Batu

Further along is the gorgeous Pantai Pohon Batu where there are stalls that sell snacks and fresh seafood.

Nearby is a sandy park laden with man-made obstacles called Sudut Cabaran (Challenge Corner), suitable for team-building activities.

Clear day in Pantai Pohon Batu on Labuan’s western coast. ©Jollence Lee

Pantai Pancur Hitam

Next, drop by Pantai Pancur Hitam, where more casuarina trees sway in orderly rows.

Home to Labuan’s biggest and most luxurious private homes, the roads surrounding Pantai Pancur Hitam have well landscaped and decorated pathways.

Over here you’ll find rows of market stalls offering treats such as fresh coconuts, chicken wings, popcorn and other mouth-watering local delicacies and knick-knacks.

Pantai Layang-Layangan

Further south is Pantai Layang-Layangan, a sandy beach great for relaxing and basking in the sun with the calming resonance of waves continuously lapping the shore.

Pantai Layang-Layangan is especially popular during weekends. Cycling paths and picnic tables are shaded by leafy trees. Food stalls can also be found here with live musical bands often performing on the weekends.

Horse riding and cycling are popular leisure activities in this area. Here, you will pass by the cosy and rustic Labuan homestay of Kampung Sungai Labu. The Peace Park and Surrender Point are also situated close by.

Casuarinas lining the seaside in Pantai Layang-Layangan. ©Jollence Lee

Pantai Tanjung Aru

Located on the east coast of Labuan, Pantai Tanjung Aru is a beautiful stretch of beach near some of the best seafood restaurants on the island.

Pantai Sungai Pagar

A final point of interest would be Pantai Sungai Pagar, before making a slow drive back north to Jalan Batu Manikar. By then the sun’s rays would be at their most radiant, bathing the entire coastline in a warm golden glow.

Pantai Sungai Pagar is located near Kampung Sungai Pagar and is close by to University Malaysia Sabah Kampus Labuan (UMSKAL) and the UN COBSEA Clean Beach Award monument.

Pantai Sg. Pagar on Labuan’s west coast. ©Shukrie Mayudin

Pantai Tanjung Purun (Labuan Beach)

Also found on Labuan’s east coast, this beach is located just next to Ramsey Point and the International Sea Sports Complex.