Labuan homestay
Homestay in Labuan: Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2 is situated about 30 minutes walk from town.

To experience the lifestyle of the locals, visitors can participate in one of Labuan’s homestay programmes offering accommodation in charming, traditional water villages.

Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2

One of the main water villages where homestay programmes are offered is Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2, located just northwest of town.

Established in the 1930s, the entire village was destroyed during World War II and rebuilt by the villagers after the end of the war.

The villagers are descendants of traders, sailors and fisherfolk from neighbouring Brunei who settled here many generations ago. The settlement is made up of houses on stilts built over the sea and connected by a series of boardwalks.

The architecture and concept of the water village is heavily influenced by Brunei-Malay culture and is built using sturdy Belian wood.

Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2 comes equipped with water and power supply, telephone and sewage lines, streetlights, water taxi jetty, grocery and handicraft shops, clinics, schools and other amenities you can expect from an organized village.

Being surrounded by water, the main mode of transportation is by boat and most of the houses here own one.

In the afternoons, you can observe the village children playing kites or if you prefer, indulge in fishing right at your backyard.

The friendly host families will be all too glad to serve you some of the local delicacies including ambuyat, a traditional Bruneian sago dish while you enjoy traditional games and dance performances that can be arranged upon request.


Visitor information

For those who’d like to explore Labuan on foot, the water village is an approximately 30-minute walk from town.

Visitors can also participate in homestay programmes at the following villages:

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Telephone: +6087 422 622 (Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Labuan Office)