Gedung Ubat Tanjung Kubong
Gedung Ubat is located on the Tanjong Kubong Trail near the Tip of Tanjung Kubong. ©Huey Yeng

Labuan’s Gedung Ubat or Ammunition Store is believed to have been a storage area for artillery and explosives used by the Japanese army during World War II.

The structure is cylindrical in shape with a height of 3.5 meters. It has a cone-shaped roof and a doorway overlooking the sea.

Gedung Ubat has an interesting design – its thick wall is made of bricks arranged in such a way that there are small holes in between for ventilation.

The name of the structure comes from the words ‘gedung’, which means warehouse in Malay, and ‘ubat bedil’, which in local parlance means ‘bullets’ or ‘gunpowder’.

Visitor information

Gedung Ubat is located along the Tanjong Kubong Trail, also known as the Labuan Chimney Walking Trail.

It sits near the Tip of Tanjung Kubong, an excellent spot for a morning hike to catch the sunrise.


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