Kampung Bukit Kuda (Bukit Kuda Village) is located in the middle of Labuan Island. The village sits next to Labuan’s largest natural reservoir – the Bukit Kuda dam, which supplies the island with most of its fresh drinking water.

The village has excellent infrastructure and public amenities. Roads are tarred and litter free, and the surroundings are tranquil with beautiful landscaped houses. The winner of several state and national level awards, it is considered a model village. The residents are charming and friendly, and life in the village is unhurried but certainly not dull.

Homestay Kampung Bukit Kuda activities:

The homestay programme in Kampung Bukit Kuda lets visitors participate in various agrotourism activities.

The villagers here, mainly Kedayan Muslims, are modern farmers. Kampung Bukit Kuda produces the island’s very own brand of virgin coconut oil and ‘Mi Lidi’, a thick spaghetti-like noodle. Oyster mushroom or oyster fungus farming is also commonly carried out by villagers here.

Activities at the Kampung Bukit Kuda Homestay therefore include virgin coconut oil farm tours, Lidi noodles processing and oyster mushroom farming.

i. Making Traditional Food / Cake RM5.00 / Person
ii. Bird Watching + Binoculars (Min 5 Person) RM 5.00 / Person
iii. Cycling Around the Village RM 5.00 / Person
iv. Round Island Tours (Including Tour Guide) (Max 12 Person) RM 30.00 / Person
v. Making Ambuyat – a local specialty (Max 10 Person) RM 5.00 / Person
vi. Traditional Culture Performance and Welcome Ceremony (Max 10 person) RM 20.00 / Person
vii. Learn Malay Language (Max 10 Person) RM 5.00 / Person / Hour
vii. Traditional Games (Gasing, Umang Race) (Max 10 Person) RM10.00 / Person
viii. BBQ Party (Max 10 person) RM20.00 / person

Homestay Kampung Bukit Kuda room rate/pricing:

Homestay Kampung Bukit Kuda has over 30 rooms available for individual or group booking. Charges for various homestay package combinations are minimal, and may even be considered cheap by the island’s standards. Standard packages include a spacious room with air conditioning or fan, and bathroom with clean running water.

From RM 75.00 / Night (Aircond)
From RM 65.00 / Night (Fan)
From RM 60.00 / Night (Student)

Additional charges :
(Allow more guests than capacity)
RM15.00 / person
RM10.00 / person (Student)
Min : 2 pax – 12 pax

Additional packages:
Breakfast RM7.00 / person
Lunch RM12.00 / person
Dinner RM12.00 / person


Homestay Kampung Bukit Kuda
Address: Kg Bukit Kuda, WP Labuan
Mobile: +6013 851 1907 / +6012 828 9158
Email: mustaffasaibi@gmail.com


Mr. Haji Mustapha B Tangkim
Tel: +6087 461 737 / +6087 408 895 / +6013-851 1907
Address: BK 0283, Jln Ca’mai, Kg Bukit Kuda, 87000 W.P Labuan


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