Labuan homestay
Labuan homestays offer visitors the opportunity to stay in a traditional Malay villages, coastal villages or water villages, which are among the last remaining in the country.

Homestays in Labuan provide a refreshing alternative to commercial accommodation options, allowing visitors to experience the authentic kampong (village) life.

Labuan homestays offer one of the best and most genuine ways to get acquainted with the local people and culture. The friendly host families are delighted to share their culture and cuisine with visitors. Visitors are encouraged to join in the daily activities and any festivities held during the duration of the homestay programme.

Discover the lifestyle of the locals today by participating in a Labuan homestay programme available at the following villages:

The water village can be reached via a 30-minute walk from town.

Homestay Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2

A trip to Labuan would be incomplete without visiting the water villages. One of the main water villages where homestay programmes are offered is Kampung Air Patau-Patau 2, located just northwest of Labuan town. These homes are built on stilts above the water and can be quite big. The villages are established by Malay fishermen and traders from Brunei.

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Homestay Kg Bukit Kuda

Located in the middle of Labuan Island, Homestay Kampung Bukit Kuda is great for those who prefer an activity-intensive homestay programme.

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Homestay Kampung Sungai Labu

The wonderful Kampung Sungai Labu is situated on the west coast of Labuan Island and has direct access to the sea – offering the best of both worlds.

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E-One Cozy City Home

Location: Labuan Town Center

ALI Homestay

Location: East coast of Labuan

Labuan Villa

Location: Kampung Sungai Labu

MyHome Ganggarak

Location: Kampung Ganggarak

Kobi Homestay

Location: Paragon Labuan

Pilly Homestay/Pilly Holiday Home

Location: Kampung Layang-Layangan

Rina Ria Labuan Homestay

Location: Kampung Sungai Bedaun


Visitor information

For those who’d like to explore Labuan on foot, the nearest water village (Kampung Air Patau Patau 2) is an approximately 30-minute walk from town.

Telephone: +6087 422 622 (Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Labuan Office)


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