The Bruneian Malay and Kedayan people make up the largest ethnic groups in Labuan’s overall population. Traditional Brunei kuih or kuih tradisional Brunei are bite-sized desserts or snacks that are commonly found in Labuan. Some specialties of this island include:

Coconut pudding

Unique to Labuan and rarely found elsewhere, this pudding is made from steamed coconut water and jelly.


Similar to Chinese rice dumplings or Malay ketupat, lamban is sweetened steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves. It is usually enjoyed with peanut sauce.


Containing a jelly filling, this is a bite-size delight made of rice flour. Wrapped in banana leaves, this dessert is cone-shaped.


A dessert made of coconut milk, rice flour and sugar. This jelly-like delight is normally green-coloured and sometimes flavoured with yam or durian.


Traditional kuih (dessert) made of glutinous rice wrapped in palm leaves. Commonly served during weddings.


Also known as ‘UFO cake’ due to its shape, this dessert is made of rice flour, corn flour, coconut milk and cooking oil.

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