A hidden gem located just southwest of Labuan, Pulau Rusukan Besar is famed for its untouched beauty and stunning scenery.

Spanning 0.12km² (30 acres), Rusukan Besar Island is the second largest of three islands located within the boundaries of Labuan Marine Park.

Also known as Pulau Rugokan Besar to locals, the island is famous for its snorkeling and scuba trails that introduce visitors to an underwater world filled with fascinating marine life.

The island can be circled on foot in about half an hour. Rustic and away from the crowds, the Pulau Rusukan Besar offers privacy and the promise of relaxation – it is not uncommon to find the whole island to your group.

Things to do

The inviting waters around Rusukan Besar Island teem with colourful coral reefs and an abundance of aquatic creatures waiting to be discovered.

For advanced divers, Rusukan Besar Island offers World War II wreck diving at nearby sites.

Other activities include canoeing or visiting the island’s Marine Park Information Centre (open daily from 9.00am to 4.30pm), which contains fascinating exhibits, photos and information on our oceans and coastal ecosystems.

There is also a turtle hatchery on Rusukan Besar Island that is open to visitors and volunteers.

At night, there are opportunities near the jetty to spot ‘blue tears’, an amazing natural phenomenon consisting of bioluminescent planktons that wash ashore in a bright blue colour.

Rusukan Besar Resort

Pulau Rusukan Besar is one of the more developed of Labuan Marine Park’s three islands.

The Rusukan Besar Resort, the only one on the island, is a no-frills, full board resort perfect for those who wish to spend the night here.

Accommodation is in the form of striking pink A-frame chalets, and the cabins are equipped with all basic necessities including air-conditioning, hot water and electricity.

The resort comes with a tiki bar and tree house, where delicious meals such as crab porridge are served.


Getting here

Rusukan Besar Island can be reached via a 30-minute speedboat transfer from Labuan Marina Jetty.

Travellers from Brunei can reach Rusukan Besar Island by taking the 45-minute ferry ride from Serasa Ferry Terminal in Muara, Brunei to Labuan International Ferry Terminal and thereafter, boarding another boat transfer to reach Rusukan Besar Island.

Entrance fee

The following entry fees are imposed on visitors to Pulau Rusukan Besar by Jabatan Taman Laut Malaysia (Marine Park Department of Malaysia):

Category Price 
Adult Malaysian RM5.00
Child  RM2.00 
Adult  Non-Malaysian RM30.00 
Child  RM15.00 


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