Ramsey Point Pantai Tanjung Purun
Looking out towards the South China Sea from Ramsey Point in Pantai Tanjung Purun (Tanjung Purun Beach). ©ShutterMonkey

Ramsey Point is located on a stretch of beach in Labuan where two major historical events took place.

On 24th December 1846, the Sultan of Brunei handed over control of Labuan to the British Crown in a gesture of friendship. In a brief ceremony, Admiral George Mundy raised the British Empire flag on this beach, formally marking the start of British rule in Labuan.

A hundred years later, this same beach entered the history books once again as it was used as a landing point during World War II. Led by General Douglas MacArthur, the Allied forces landed here on 10 June 1945 to liberate Labuan and Borneo from the Japanese army occupation. A plaque on the beach commemorates this occasion.


Visitor information

Ramsey Point is located along the lively coastline of Pantai Tanjung Purun right next to the International Sea Sports Complex.

Climb the 3-storey Ramsey Point Observation Tower located by the sea for views of the surrounding area.


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