Surrender Point Memorial
Surrender Point is a significant World War II site in Labuan. ©CE Photo

Surrender Point is a place of great historical significance and a must-visit on the Labuan World War II trail.

At this very spot on Monday 10th September 1945, Lieutenant General Masao Baba, Commander of the 37th Japanese Army, surrendered the forces under his command and handed his sword over to Major General George Wootten, Commander of the 9th Division of the Australian Imperial Forces.

The official surrender ceremony that took place here in a small wooden shack that afternoon marked the end of World War II in Borneo.


Visitor information

Overlooking the South China Sea, Surrender Point is situated near the beachside in Kampung Layang-Layangan just next to the Peace Park.


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  1. Philip Game

    Very disappointing to visit this historic site today. The memorial is screened behind a high fence of corrugated iron, painted bright purple. The enclosure is locked up and you have to stand on a cement bollard to see anything of it. Not surprising that none of the local people could help me find where it was – it is now virtually invisible. No signposting at all. Why…??

  2. Rocco Siffredi

    well, welcome to Malaysia buddy. Nothing is perfect. Half way. Less creative probably lost

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