Labuan activities and things to do range from beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, traditional water villages and underwater exploration to rich cultural and historical places. ©Kian Boon

Holiday-goers will find a good array of exciting sights and things to do in Labuan, be it natural, historical or cultural.

Duty-free shopping, World War II relics, traditional water villages and stunning wreck-diving sites that lay close to shore give Labuan a vibrant touristic appeal.

Did you know?
Under the exclusive jurisdiction of Malaysia’s central government, Pulau Labuan (Malay for “Labuan Island”) in Borneo is located a stone’s throw from the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak as well as neighbouring country Brunei Darussalam.

Nature & Animals

From pristine beaches and lush tropical gardens to vast wetlands and labyrinthine mangrove forests, Labuan is home to some marvelous natural wonders.

Taman Botani Labuan
Botanical Gardens
Taman Burung Labuan
Bird Park
Pantai Labuan
Taman Marin Labuan
Labuan Marine Park
Labuan Hiking
Pulau Papan
Pulau Papan
Pulau Kuraman
Pulau Kuraman
Pulau Rusukan Besar
Pulau Rusukan Besar
Pulau Rusukan Kecil
Pulau Rusukan Kecil
Kinabenuwa Wetland Mangrove Forest
Kina Benuwa Wetland & Mangrove Forest

Historical & Cultural

Discover Labuan’s deep heritage and colorful colonial past by visiting some of the island’s finest historical and cultural offerings.

Muzium Chimney Labuan
The Chimney
Clock Tower Labuan
Clock Tower
Jamek An Nur Mosque
Masjid Labuan
Muzium Labuan
Labuan Museum
Muzium Marin Labuan
Labuan Marine Museum
Labuan Sikh Temple
Gurdwara Sahib Temple
Ba San Miao Temple Labuan
Ba Xian Miao Temple
Kwang Fook Kong Temple
Guang Fu Gong Temple
Kampung Patau-Patau 2

World War II

Immerse yourself in history with Labuan’s World War II points of interest scattered across the island.

See here for more on Labuan’s World War 2 sites.

Labuan World War 2 Memorial
WW II Memorial
Surrender Point Memorial
Surrender Point
Taman Damai
Labuan Peace Park
Ramsey Point Labuan
Ramsey Point
Labuan Wreck Diving
Wreck Diving
Gedung Ubat Tanjung Kubong
Gedung Ubat


Shop your day away or visit the international sea sports complex for endless thrills.

Duty-free shop Labuan
Duty-free shops
Pasar Labuan UTC
Central Market
Financial Park
Financial Park
Dataran Labuan
Labuan Square
Labuan Golf Club
Labuan International Golf Club
Labuan International Sea Sports Complex
International Sea Sports Complex
Pasar Tani Labuan
Pasar Tani Labuan

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