Visitors will enjoy duty-free shopping in Labuan’s many stores which carry a large selection of local and imported products.

Like its counterpart islands Langkawi and Tioman in Peninsular Malaysia, Labuan too has its duty-free shopping privileges for visitors who stay on this free port island.

Doors upon doors of duty-free stores occupy the shoplots along the streets of Labuan, especially near the ferry terminal (Jalan Merdeka and Jalan OKK Awang Besar), Financial Park complex and Labuan Airport.

There is a wide range of electronics, leather goods, chocolates and liquor, while fabric, clothes, shoes and accessories are especially popular among ladies.

Several Labuan duty-free shops provide discounts for bulk purchases, and some provide free delivery to the marina area.

Jalan Merdeka / Jalan OKK Awang Besar (near the ferry terminal)

Aik Guan Duty Free Sdn. Bhd.

Address: U0075, BA, Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 419 977

Tai Seng Duty Free Shop

Good selection of mainly Australian wines, some beers, spirits & soft drinks. Discounts for large orders often available.

Address: U0077 & U0086 , Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 411 278 / +6087 415 875

LMJ Duty Free

Fair variety and may deliver free to boats at the marina. Discounts often provided for bulk purchases.

Address: U0175 Jalan Bunga Kenanga, off Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 452 215

Shan’s Temptations Duty Free

Address: U0096, BA, Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 416 695

Hoon Hin Trading Co.

Address: U0099, BA, Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 415 958

Monegain Sdn. Bhd.

Address: U0178, Jalan Merdeka

Tel: +6087 416 326

The Shopper’s Stop

Sells many duty‐free items including cosmetics, crockery and soaps. Not a big wine selection, but may deliver free to boats and offer discounts.

Address: U0032 Jalan OKK Awang Besar

Tel: +6087 416 324

One Stop Duty Free Sdn. Bhd.

One of the largest stores in Labuan. Excellent shop, wide variety, goods seem well‐stored & kept, prices a little higher than other stores. No delivery.

Address: U0054, Lot A, Victoria Point, Jalan OKK Awang Besar

Tel: +6087 421 178

Financial Park mall

Monegain Sdn. Bhd.

Some good buys occasionally in wine and spirit section.

Address: A030, 031, 032, 034, B016, 017, 018, Ground Floor, Financial Park

Tel: +6087 452 868

Sky Park Duty Free

Huge range of spirits, perfumes and chocolate.

Address: B011, A019 & A020 Ground Floor, Financial Park

Tel: +6087 422 562 / +6087 411 385

Island Duty Free Shop

Wine, beer & spirits

Address: B021, Ground Floor, Financial Park Labuan Complex

Tel: +6087 415 008

Labuan Airport

Eraman Malaysia

Address: Balai Pelepasan, Lapangan Terbang Labuan (Departure Hall, Labuan Airport)

Tel: +603 8776 8600

Choc Stop International

Address: Balai Pelepasan, Lapangan Terbang Labuan

Tel: +6087 419 689

Ferry terminal

Colours & Fragrances Sdn Bhd

Address: Waiting Hall, Labuan International Ferry Terminal

Tel: +6087 429 689

Choc Stop International

Address: Ground Floor, Labuan International Ferry Terminal

Tel: +6087 419 689

Sky Mart Duty Free

Fair selection of wines, mainly red & Australian. Good variety of spirits, especially whiskey, and chocolates.

Address: Lot C2, Labuan International Ferry Terminal.

Tel: +6087 420 171 / +6087 421 171

First Stop Duty Free Sdn. Bhd.

Address: Lot C3, Ground Floor, Labuan International Ferry Terminal

Tel: +6087 425 328

Further out

Bataras Hypermarket

Address: SU 3588, Jalan Tun Mustapha, Kg Batu Arang

Tel: +6087 581 508

Family Shopping Mart

Address: 10 Mutiara Niaga, Taman Mutiara, Sg Bedaun

Tel: +6087 463 992

Bear in mind business details often change frequently on the island. The list on this page does not include all duty-free shops in Labuan and is merely representative.

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