Ba Xian Miao Temple
Ba Xian Miao (八仙庙) is a multi-storied Taoist temple in Labuan. ©Jollence Lee

Built by the island’s Hokkien community, Ba Xian Miao (八仙廟) is one of several Chinese temples in Labuan.

Also known as the Eight Deities temple or the ‘Heaven and Earth’ temple, this Taoist place of worship features halls dedicated to Heaven and Hell.

It is usually crowded during Chinese New Year, Hungry Ghosts Festival and the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, a colourful celebration honoring the birth of a deity in Chinese mythology.

The Hungry Ghosts Festival and Nine Emperor Gods Festival respectively take place during the seventh and ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.


Visitor information

The Ba Xian Miao Temple is located on Jalan Kinabenuwa near Kina Benuwa Wetland & Mangrove Forest.

Telephone: +6087 425 899


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  1. Kent

    Worth a visit. Temple is at three levels. Heaven, earth and the under world. So start at the top n work your way down. Don’t forget to use the huge Gong. An under rated, obscure facet of an under rated island.

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