Kinabenua Wetland
The Kina Benuwa Wetland and Mangrove Forest Reserve is home to some 16 mangrove species from 7 different families.

The Kinabenuwa Wetland is a pristine mangrove forest occupying the southern end of Labuan.

It is located on the lower Kinta Benua River, the longest and widest river network on the island, comprising Sungai Bangat all the way up north and Sungai Bedaun towards the west.

The Kina Benuwa Wetland is a conservation area dedicated to the protection of its rich yet fragile biodiversity and ecosystem. It is easily accessible by road from the town centre.

Within the area is the Kinabenuwa Mangrove Forest reserve, home to some 16 mangrove species from 7 different families, including Rhizophora apiculata (Bakau minyak), Rhizophora mucronata (Bakau kurap) and Sonneratia ovata (Gedabu).

Take a leisurely stroll along the interconnected boardwalks shaded by mangrove trees and say hello to the mangrove ‘residents’, such as mudskippers (ikan belacak), giant mud crabs (ketam bakau), horseshoe crabs (belangkas), archerfish (ikan sumpit), smooth-coated otter (memerang licin) and Asian water monitor (biawak air), all of whom make occasional appearances.

Mangrove forest birds who roam the area include gulls (burung camar), storks (burung botak), Chinese egrets (burung bangau Cina), brahminy kites (helang merah) and milky storks (burung botak upeh).

There are numerous rest platforms along the way and a restaurant where you can indulge in seafood and exchange tales of adventure after a fun day of exploring.


Visitor information

The wetland and forest reserve is located along Jalan Kinabenuwa, about 2 km from the Ba San Miao Temple.


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