Kwang Fook Kong Temple
Entrance gate to the Kwang Fook Kong Temple in Labuan, a local Buddhist landmark. ©CEphoto

There are several Chinese temples in Labuan Island, one of them being Guang Fu Gong Temple (also known as Kwang Fook Kong or Kwong Fook Kung (廣福宮) Temple) located downtown.

Built by a group of migrants from Fu Jian, China, it is reputedly the oldest Chinese temple in Labuan. A plague inside the temple states that it has been around since 1852.

Each year, the temple comes alive with much festivity especially during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Visitor information

The Guang Fu Gong temple is located near Labuan’s shopping district.

Telephone: +6087 412 386 (Kwong Wei Siew Association)


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  1. Josephine Manjaji

    Hello, there must have been a Kongsi which started a jiabu or a zupu when
    the temple was built before 1852? My great great grand father WONG AH LUNG/LOONG arrived in Labuan from China in 1860 or 1861 to work as a blacksmith at the coal mines.
    We are trying to locate his ancestral village in China (Guangdong or Hainan).

    Is there a jiabu or zupu for 1860 or 1861?
    Thank you. Josephine Manjaji

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