Labuan hiking
Batu Arang formation near the Tip of Tanjung Kubong. ©Suhaila Ramley

Labuan Chimney Walking Trail

By far the most popular trail on the island, there are many interesting stops along the 3.8km Labuan Chimney Walking Trail, including the:

  • Tanjung Kubong Tunnel (Lubang Gantang) – vertical coal mining tunnel reaching up to 40 meters in depth
  • British graveyard – 5 tombstones dating back to 1866 believed to commemorate workers from the Labuan Eastern Archipelago Company
  • Coal formations and sea cave
  • Tip of Tanjung Kubong
  • Raffles Anchorage
  • Gedung Ubat (Ammunitions Storage)
  • Chimney Museum

Bukit Kubong Trail

This trail leads from the beach at Pantai Batu Manikar all the way up Bukit Kubong hill, where scenic views of the island await hikers.

An alternative entry/exit point is from Kompleks TUDM Bukit Kubong (Bukit Kubong Royal Air Force Complex), though this track is more challenging.

Merinding Trail

This trail is frequently used by mountain bikers with entry/exit point at Simpang 19 (Simpang Bukit Aru), Kampung Pohon Batu.